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Developing C.E.O.s

(Creators of Economic Opportunity)


Use your MBA and network to solve the societal issues of poverty, healthcare, education, environment and crime by providing communities with sustainable economic development, access to capital, a solid economic infrastructure and entrepreneurial skills.

MBA Corps’ mission is to provide small businesses with pro bono professional consulting services, management guidance and technical assistance in our strike zones—economically challenged urban and rural areas. MBA Corps, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation that primarily combats poverty and bridges the digital divide.  National Pro Bono Consulting Needs.  

MBA Corps consists of three programs: 

MBAs Care….think flexible, part-time, managerial, domestic Peace Corps-type volunteer program that allows you to make a civic contribution as a volunteer while working fulltime and meeting your other obligations . Individuals and teams are encouraged to apply.  Typical  Scenario

Flag Officers Corps members are proven entrepreneurs or leaders in their organizations.  You can volunteer as an individual consultant, as many do, or you can volunteer your team.

Pro Bono MBAs have access to all expenses paid volunteer consulting projects in over 50 countries including Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, China, India, Mexico, Tunisia, Ukraine, Montenegro, and Thailand.  The projects last from two weeks to several months.  Combating poverty internationally is important.

MBA Corps’ efforts to strengthen America’s small businesses allow us to strengthen the fabric of the American economy, the American neighborhood and the American family.  Small businesses represent the greatest potential for future job growth.  Why Help Small Businesses

Imagine the possibilities of bringing to bear America’s greatest arsenal of wealth creating power—its MBA alumni—on the choke point of economic growth—small businesses—in poor neighborhoods.  Why Volunteer

MBA Corps––Be a C.E.O.  

(Creator of Economic Opportunity)

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