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Creators of Economic Opportunity (C.E.O.s)

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Hurricane Katrina Relief Effort

National Business School Alumni Response


This is the challenge: can we -- as a unified Cadre of Business people whose lives and careers are part of the national economic tapestry, build a fund, develop a significant focus and execute.  Together, if each of us makes a small donation, our total contribution in the eyes of the Nation can be seen as a compassionate and a truly distinctive one.  Letís raise a One Million dollars from 1,000,000 alumni.




As a charity, we have chosen Toys for Tots, which will ensure that all of our donations reach families in the affected region.  Toys for Tots is a program conducted in over 500 communities nationwide.  It plays a critical role in providing hope, happiness and the simple joy of the Holiday Season to disadvantaged children by remembering them in their greatest time of need.  Many of the gifts provided make a significant contribution to the educational, as well as social and recreational needs of these children.  Children need normalcy and a gift over the Holiday Season, particularly this one, helps reinforce this principle.